Jazzy Cases For Your Android Phone

836e2df0e36e90eda712d1460475f22fSpice up your Android device with a jazzy phone case. In today’s modern world it is important to stay connected round the clock. Mobile phones are keeps you connected while on the move. This makes it important to protect the device from accidents. Most Android phones are expensive and need to be safeguarded from the vagaries of nature and mankind. Mobile phone cases are the right way to keep your phone safe from scratches, falls, spills, and bumps. The market is loaded with Android phone cases and finding the suitable one for your needs is vital for the long life of the phone.

Types of Android phone covers
Mobile cases come in leather, faux leather, plastic, and rubber. Depending upon your budget and usage you can pick a suitable case to protect your phone. Flip cover, hard cover and jelly cases are common among Android covers. These come in varied size, colors, patterns and prints. In the recent times printed covers have Ironman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Hello Kitty and more prints to choose from. Moreover, the prints can be customized to meet your preferences.

Picking the right case
There are high-quality cases to choose from your Android phones. Many are at crossroads while choosing the right phone case. Depending upon your lifestyle you can choose a phone cover. Hard cases are for those who hand their phone roughly or work in tough terrains. The disadvantage with a hard case is that it cannot be squeezed into your pocket. On the contrary, leather cases are stylish and formal. These can protect your phone from water spills. Jelly cases are moving fast these days for its colors. The jelly case can protect your phone from bumps and scratches. It is also capable of absorbing scratches. Crystal screen protectors are used to safeguard your phone from scratches. Despite the fact that the Android phones come with anti-scratch resistance, it is advised to use crystal screen protectors for greater protection.

Finding android cases
Online is the best destination to find Android cases and screen protectors of your choice. There are cool cases available that can be well within your budget and stylish as well. The most important factor to check while selecting an Android case is its longevity. Ensure the case you select is not only cheap but durable as well. Quality should be the top priority while selecting the case. Customer testimonials and reviews can help make the selection process easier. Online stores give excellent bargains on phone cases. Do not hesitate to check out some popular stores for some great deals.

Compare the price with various stores before making a choice. Remember that the quality of the product can vary from one store to another. Check out brick and mortar store for more models and price factor. The case should be a perfect fit for your phone with provision to access the buttons. Get a case based on the model of your phone. There are different models available for different phone brands. Take some time shopping to zero on the right product.

Classic Meatloaf Recipe With Mashed Potatoes

600x300If there is a royal comfort food, then it has to be the classic meatloaf with mashed potatoes. Nothing can give you more satisfaction and gratification than a good home cooked meatloaf meal. The combinations that you have with meatloaf are endless it is known and well-loved for its versatility. Be it as a sandwich or as a whole meal it is always a winner. It is quite pocket friendly too.
For that appetising flavour, it would be best to combine equal portions of ground pork, beef and veal rather than just going for one kind of meat. When three different kinds of meats are blended together with vegetables, the texture and flavour of this classic dish gets thoroughly enhanced. Tomato sauce or ketchup could also be added on top for that signature glaze along with giving you the much needed punch. It has to be glazed on just before putting in the oven, and you are sure to get the most amazing and classic dish of the world.
Now, to make it as the top notch in comfort meal, it needs its soul mate; the super moist creamy mashed potatoes. It is the closest to a warm blanket on a rainy day. So now lets us look at how it could be made at your own kitchen. You could get a lot more recipes, just Click Here.
Recipe for the Classic Meatloaf
(Serves 4-6)

Onions: 1 – 2 cups, finely chopped
Celery: 1, finely chopped
Carrot: 1 finely chopped
Garlic: 1 tbsp., coarsely minced
Scallions: ½ cups, finely chopped
Butter: 2 tablespoons (preferably unsalted)
Salt: 2 tablespoons
Pepper: freshly grounded 1 ½ tsp
Worcestershire sauce: 2 tsp
Oregano: 1 tsp, dried or fresh
Thyme: 1 tablespoon fresh or dried
Ketchup: 1 cup
Ground pork: 14 Oz
Ground veal: 14 Oz
Bread crumbs: 1 cup preferably fresh
Eggs: 2 large, slightly beaten
Parsley leaves: 1/3 cup, preferable fresh and minced.

Procedure: Preheat the oven to 350 degree F. Take a big skillet and cook carrots, celery, scallions and garlic in butter for five minutes over medium heat. Cover the skillet and keep stirring making sure that the carrots are tender. Continue this for five minutes, and then add in pepper, salt, 1/3 ketchup and Worcestershire sauce. Cook this for a minute more.
Take a large bowl, and mix in the eggs, veggies, meat, parsley and bread together by kneading it to dough. Transfer this mix into a 5/9 inches loaf pan. Glaze the top of the loaf using the leftover ketchup and then bake it for 60 minutes. Make sure that the meat loaf is completely cooked through
Mashed Potatoes
(Serves 4-6)

Baking or gold potatoes: 4 lb, cut into pieces
Heavy cream: 2 cups
Butter: 3 table spoon
Chives: 2 table spoon
Salt and pepper to taste

Procedure: Cook the potatoes till tender and then mash it properly. Heat cream and butter together and add it to the potatoes. Season it with pepper, salt and chives. Relish it with the meat loaf!

Coolest Ways to Decorate the Walls of Kids Room In Los Angeles

kids room

One of the best ways to change your kid’s room into a fabulous masterpiece is using wall décor. It is sure your kids will enjoy the wall decors. It depends on the way you choose and use on their wall. It can be used in two simple ways. Let us explore some simple ways to decorate the walls of your kid’s room.

If you want to cover sufficient space, you can choose all over decal effect using temporary wallpaper. It comes with a cheery apple print. It is perfect for both male and female kid. You do not have to glue to apply. If your little one outgrows, simply peel off from the wall. It avoids fuss and muss in a great way.

When you have a baby at home, you have to add wrinkle resistant banners. It will help them to move and come out of their bed. You can decorate the crib using vinyl materials to make it child safe.

The theme based visual appearance in the home can be achieved with the help of hand painted walls and wallpapers. When you are sure that it should be theme based, there are various options to choose. For example, kids love to have animal characters and cartoon based themes in their room. You can talk to your kid and paint a story on their wall.

Another simple option is allotting a portion of the wall for your kid to express creativity. The kid will scribble, write or paint only on that area. It will not damage the entire walls of the home. You can use wall hangings in their room. It remains as a best decorative element. Ensure to purchase wall hanging models like superheroes, cars, animals, and their favorite cartoon characters.

The vinyl windows do not require special maintenance. You need not sand, scuff or paint. The vinyl windows Los Angeles serves as the best exterior material for kid’s room. It stands up against the dangers of external existence. You have to preserve the window by basic wiping and hosing to remove the dust and dirt. At present, the vinyl windows are eye appealing and cater to the latest architectural designs of home.  It is the best option for kid’s room.

The wall decals should remain functional and fun. If you add large farm scenes, it will serve as puzzles to the kids. They can put together, play and explore their creativity. It is a best brain-teasing action for your little one.  

5 Uses Of Old Kid’s Clothes

450fe7506249f13abbf78aa927e9e9ffIf you are unsure of what you should do with your old children’s clothing items, you all are certainly not the first one, know that you are not the first one, nor the last one to have such a dilemma.  Many parents aren’t torn between options and whether they should get rid of the old clothes or keep it.  Here are five uses and ideas of what you might to do with your old children’s clothes.

1. Give It To Another Kid

If your kid has clothes which doesn’t fit them anymore, you can always consider giving the clothes away to a younger child. If you, yourself don’t have younger children perhaps there are younger children in your family. If there are no younger children in your family and you don’t expect to have any more children perhaps you should consider giving it to relatives or friends. It is certainly useful to make the most of the clothes even if it is just kid’s clothes.

2. Save It For The Youngest

kids-fashion-30Perhaps you expect to have more children; in that case, you could always save the clothes for the next child. Even though sometimes older children can protest about this sort of practice, it is very useful. Also, you are being conscious and saving your resources in this way. If you plan to have more children it can be rather useful for you to save the older children’s clothes, if however you know that you won’t have any more children it makes no sense for you to pile up the clothes no one will wear ever again. If you are very sentimental, consider keeping only several pieces of clothing as a token, but get rid of everything else in some of these ways.

3. Make Dollies’ Clothes

You can use old children’s clothing items to clothe dolls for your child, or to make something of it. Consider making quits or pillows. Be creative! You can do anything you like with the clothes, but if you manage to put them to good use even better.

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4. Turn It Into Rags

If you are unsure what you should do with old clothes remember you can always turn it into rags. They will come in handy and you will be able to use the clothes one last time before tossing it in the bin forever!

5. Give The Clothes Away To Charity

If you still don’t know what you should do with your children’s old clothes then you should select the clothing items which can still be used, wash them, iron them and give them to charity. This is the noblest thing you can do, since so many children need essential things such as clothes and will definitely use them in the best possible way. So, if you want to show your humanity to those who are in need, then you can definitely give away the clothes your child will no longer wear.